Movil Move®
Transport without limits

Different modes of transport in a single APP . Our multimodal platform is legal and works for passenger, cargo, courier and home transport companies.



Do you need help? Direct communication with the driver.


GPS location

Geolocation and heat maps by zones for all your trips, deliveries or addresses.


Tailored rates

Plan the prices of your next trip or service. Adjustable to suit your company.


Mobile App

Application available for Android and iOS. Drivers and users.


The technology market is more demanding every day and only companies that offer all the options are at the forefront. Aware of the requirements of our users, we have technology that adapts to the Web platform, Tablet and mobile phone.


Request for services

With Movil Move® your clients will be able to register and according to your services they will be able to request an adjusted trip with your personalized rates.

  • Filter by company according to negotiated rate
  • Nearest Vehicle Search
  • Vouchers to download promotional code (Name, discount type, value and date)
  • Custom rates
  • Travel history
Solicitud de servicios


The drivers of your company will have a special App, in which they will receive notifications of services near their location or it depends on the personalized configuration of Movil Move®


Networked, more services and personalized rates

With Movil Move® easily adjust your own rates with parameters of time, distance and unit of measure.


In real time you can check the location of your vehicles, at the same time control the entire operation easily and quickly.

Imagen redes software

Real-time reports

Review reports in real time that will allow you to see the efficiency of the services in your company.

Through this tool you will be able to have a detailed and exact report of the productivity of your company.

Informes en Tiempo Real

What does Movil Move® do for your company?


Live Chat

Chat with your customers easy and simple, from your PC, iOS or Android cell phone.


GPS location

Real-time location map.



Collect valuable information like BigData.


Unlimited Users

Administrative users for clients and drivers.


Multi platform

Your clients will be able to request services from PC, Tablet, Android, iPhone or any browser, without installations


Statistics and Reports

Analyze the evolution of services through statistics generated by the software.



You can control the rates to your measure.


Movil Move®
We are the solution

With Movil Move® you have the best transport technology solution because it offers you legality, level technological development, computer security, easy use and data control in your transport services.

Movil Move® technological knowledge just a click away

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