About Us

We are a creation of the Grupo NW holding, a company specialized in high-impact technological developments worldwide.

We take care of developing a platform that meets all the quality parameters, in order to provide a service that works optimally.

Movil Move


Why do your clients need Movil Move?

The mobility of people from day to day is an essential factor, whether to go to work or any else. For this reason, we know that it is necessary to have a solid transport system, which provides security and confidence to the hundreds of users.

For this reason, with Movil Move® you will be without fear, since the application is very precise and allows you to manage rates, generate reports and know the geolocation of all the vehicles associated with your company.

Conexion inmediata

Immediate connection

It allows you to locate the closest vehicle to the user who requires it. In addition, it is a safe service, since it keeps you informed of the location of the driver and you can communicate with him when you need it.

Nuevos Usuarios

New users

Thanks to the geolocation option, you can keep users satisfied, opening up new possibilities to attract more users.

Todos en Red

All networked

You will be able to see in real time the location of your drivers and control the operation easily and simply. In addition, we have the option to chat with the user-driver at any time.

We donate 10% to plant trees


For each company that registers and acquires Movil Move for its transportation requirements, we will donate 10% of the purchase to the Red de Árboles Foundation.