MOVIL MOVE is the tool that allows you to make any business idea related to the EXCLUSIVE transport service come true.

Personalizacion de App

MOVIL MOVE offers you a software development adjusted to your COMPANY

With the customized APP you will provide an EXCLUSIVE transport service and you will make a difference between your competition

The competition is constantly innovating with services and creative transport solutions, which is why the technology in the EXCLUSIVE transport service is your ally in the challenges imposed by the market. Our APP is a new technological trend that opens up other worlds and many opportunities to grow your business.

Private transportation service for WOMEN

Many women prefer that the transport service is provided by a female driver, as they feel calmer and safer.

MOVIL MOVE allows you to parameterize gender conditions between client and driver, with this simple adjustment in the APP or whatever you require, you can customize the EXCLUSIVE transport service.

Pet transport service

Conventional transportation service generally does not serve pets, because they may leave hair on the seats, urinate, or vomit if they become dizzy during the trip.

MOVIL MOVE offers you a technological solution so that your clients can transport their furry puppies in suitable and special conditions for their pets.

With MOVIL MOVE we can customize the pet transport service EXCLUSIVELY, with parameters that control the time, distance, price and data of the person who delivers and receives the pet.

With MOVIL MOVE you can increase your sales and be distinguished by offering a personalized transport service.

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Servicio para personas en condicion de discapacidad

Transportation service for people with disabilities

On the street, it is common to see the difficulties that a person with a disability goes through to move around in a taxi, either because they do not want to help them get on, carry their crutches, wheelchair, cane or transport their guide dog.

MOVIL MOVE offers you a technological solution so that your disabled clients can be transported in a dignified and optimal way.

With MOVIL MOVE we personalize the special transport service so that a person with reduced mobility can request the service EXCLUSIVELY and be assured that they will be offered the right type of vehicle and accompaniment.

With MOVIL MOVE you can parameterize the time, distance, destination, special rates, driver data, and vehicle conditions for each type of disability.

Soporte Tecnico

Lifetime support and advice from our experts

The customized APP complies with all the conditions at a technological level, with which we assure our clients that we will make a correct implementation. We guarantee personalized development, real-time communication and encrypted credit card data for online payments.

MOVIL MOVE is a versatile tool that allows a configuration adjusted to the client's requirements. Our expert developers do a continuous monitoring, from the beginning of the project until its execution and also solve news or errors for life. This is a big difference from companies that buy an application, because it does not include support and they have to pay for it as an additional plan.






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